7 Factors That Influence User-Experience Tremendously

User-experience plays an important role in helping organizations to reach their goals. Whatever is the project, the success or failure of it will largely depend on the level of user-experience of the customers. This is why many organizations are making deliberate efforts to improve the overall experience of their customers by constantly improving their products and services to enhance customer satisfaction. Furthermore, organizations employ different strategies to enrich their customers user-experience. Here are the 7 factors that undoubtedly influence any project’s user-experience.


  • Useful
  • Usable
  • Credible
  • Findable
  • Desirable
  • Accessible
  • Valuable

1. Useful – Organizations launch different products and services to meet their customers’ needs. Customers are moved to buy a product or brand that deliver beyond their expectations. Poorly produced products won’t be useful to the customer. Bad products will only create a bad impression in the mind of the customers. As such, it makes sense to only deliver products that will be very useful to the costumers.

2. Usable – Product usability is an important factor in customer user experience. The product should be ready-to-use. Supporting the customer in the use of the product is ideal to achieve their goals more promptly. As such, it is proper to consider product usability before developing any products. The first batch of the products may have some usability issues but these issues have to be improved upon in the second batch and subsequent batches. This helps the company to gain customer’s confidence.

3. Findable – You cannot put your product under the table and expect people to know about it. This is why an organization should promote their product massively. Promoting the product will help people know about your business and the customers will also fulfill their needs. Some of the ways to create awareness about your brand are to use platforms like websites, newspapers, social media, television, radio, roadshows, etc.

4. Credible – Credibility is important if you want your customers to enjoy the product’s user experience. Trusting your brand helps the success of the product. When customers spend their hard-earned money, the organization must deliver quality service in return. To improve the credibility of your product, it is advised to use different strategies such as portfolios, testimonials, and partner references to enhance the credibility of the brand.

5. Desirable – The desirability of the product is an important factor. You must strive to ensure that the product rich a great level in the target market. The most acceptable product has a desirable feature for their product, design, usage, and cost. Improving on the desirable factor will bring in more customers

when they are satisfied. This, in turn, improves the business. All efforts must be made to enhance the value of the brand to have a better user experience for the customers. The only measurement for desirable factor is when the customers keep coming back for your product. Allowing the customers to give you feedback through your website is one way to improve user experience.

6. Accessibility – Accessibility is an important factor that helps to improve customer user-experience. Your product must be accessible to all manner of people including the physically challenged. People of all strata must benefit from your product. The product should not be targeted at some set of people. This is why accessibility is germane to any product. Discrimination can affect the value of the brand. The organization should have a robust plan in place to improve the accessibility of their product to the public.

7. Valuable – The essence of delivering a product or service is to add value. Good user-experience will add great value to your brand. A product without value will create a bad reputation for the organization. Your product should be designed in such a way that it enhances the reputation of the business and not lower it. One way to increase value is to satisfy your customers by giving them the best user-experience through your website feedback.

No organization can succeed in business with a bad user experience. A wonderful user-experience is key. This is why all hands must be on deck to improve the user experience. Applying the above 7 factors will tremendously enhance user-experience in no small ways. These factors are at the heart of any organization’s success.

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