Project Brief:

Ingenious Strategies’ Client was a company that sold products on Amazon, Ebay, and Shopify, and it wanted to automate the processing of theses order. Before the process was automated, the Client would:

  1. Receive an order through Amazon, Ebay, or Shopify.
  2. Find the product in their Amazon FBA inventory
  3. Ship the product to the client using Amazon FBA.
  4. If the product has no inventory, email the supplier to ship the product directly This process was simple but took about 10 – 20 minutes per order.


Ingenious performed a number of tasks for our Client to automate its process that integrates into all their sales platforms.


Order Received

Ingenious created automation that pulls orders from Amazon, Ebay, and Shopify. The automation logs all the information that will be required to ship the order including the item, the ship to location, and the level of shipping.


Order Fulfilled with Amazon FBA

Ingenious then automated the fulfillment of these orders through Amazon FBA. SKU’s are found inside Amazon’s Seller Central. If there is enough inventory to fulfill the order, the automation places the order to be shipped to the address provided on the order. The customer is emailed saying their order is on its way.


Merchant Fulfilled Order

If there is not enough inventory to fulfill the order, an email is sent to the manufacturer to ship the product directly to the customer. The automation creates a packing slip PDF,looks up the manufacturers email in a database, and sends them an email to ship the product directly to
the customer.

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